MEMBERSHIP COMMUNITY Instilling Courage and Confidence in the Women of our Future - From the Start -

Want the Little Girl You Love

to be surrounded by powerful, positive influences that will help her discover her inner strength, stretch her imagination and develop a strong sense of self worth, individuality and independence?


As two Moms with little girls of our own 

We KNOW that it is up to us to INTENTIONALLY and deliberately create an environment and expose our girls to the mindset, behaviors and attitudes of leaders that have their own voice.

With social media, bullying at school, non-authentic images and the pressure to be “perfect” at an all time high it’s time ... we CAN’T afford NOT to do something to start a DIFFERENT CONVERSATION with our girls.

Did You Know?

But we all have a choice and our moment of opportunity is now.  

The COURAGE CLUB is our way of training girls around the Globe to think differently and create a healthy mindset, positive outlook and strong future for ALL WOMEN.

Here is what happens when you invest in the Courage Club for the little girl you love:

Each month she receives powerful audio, video or interview equipping her with the self confidence to go for her dreams and accomplish everything she wants out of life.

For $49.99 a month or $588 paid in full with a BONUS BUNDLE!

The little girl you love will receive life changing “learning made fun” taught by some of the worlds most successful women.

When you sign up for a full year of The Courage Club ($588), your daughter will get our extra special Courage Bundle with 3 items from the GHC Shop, as an added bonus. 

These three items will be in addition to what she gets in the mail every single month!

Membership Options

The Courage Club is a 12 month membership 

A community and relationship built online and ways for you to connect, engage and progress through the material with her (if you choose) 

Every month is different and will have it’s own style, presentation and topics. No boring repetition and your daughter will never feel lectured or like she is in school but instead like she is entering into a whole new world where anything is possible, learning is fun and there is nothing holding her back.

These short interactive lessons will serve as the “cliff notes” to becoming a courageous women of confidence which will empower the little girl you love to become unstoppable.  

The monthly courage club lessons will be accessible by mobile phone and are perfect to listen to on the way to or home from school, lessons, sports, activities, etc.  

The program is great to start exposing your little girls to from the age of 4 up, however, is most relevant and will be best incorporated and fully understood from ages 8-13.  

When you join the Courage Club today your first year of lessons includes learning tools and experiences on the following 12 life changing and success critical topics:

  • Positive body image
  • How to navigate bullying 
  • How to develop the confidence to try new things
  • How to have the confidence to be unique and be yourself amongst peer pressure
  • Safe social media
  • How to start saving and earning early so you can do everything you want in life
  • Stepping forward as a leader at any age  
  • Finding your unique voice, opinions and interests (kid musician, skateboarder, etc)  
  • Respecting your body  
  • Working through issues with friends  
  • How to ask for help when you are struggling  
  • How to work through setbacks, upset and obstacles in life  

Our featured trainers and teachers include:

Meet Amy ... As a former online TV host, Amy will make you laugh until you cry and find a way to make every #momlife moment humorous - even on the days when adulting seems way too hard. Amy has an award-winning sales and leadership background of coaching and managing very dynamic teams. As a coach, Amy has built her career on bringing out the best in everyone around her and helping each person she touches perform at their best, and believe in themselves. As a cofounder of Give Her Courage, Amy has committed her life's work to helping women know their worth and break the paradigm that confidence comes with age.

Meet Kelly ... Forever optimist and ultimate chaos-coordinator, Kelly has mastered the art of building a successful online empire - toddler in tow. Kelly’s past experience as an NFL Cheerleader, Fortune 500 executive and now serial entrepreneur have helped her hone her ability to bring out the brilliance in women of all walks of life and give them the strategy and support to achieve freedom and fulfillment by building their own freedom-based online business. As a co-founder of Give Her Courage, Kelly is fanatical about helping young girls grow into bold and brave women capable and determined to make all their dreams come true. 

As well as...

Scarlett Estevez

Actress in the hit TV Show "Lucifier"

Khloe Thompson

Speaker/Activist/ Philanthropist for Homeless

Gabby Goodwin

Entreprenuer & Founder of "Confidence by Gabby Goodwin"

Scarlet Spencer

Actress from the hit Movie "Bright"

And many more!

With Your Membership You Get:

  • Instant “positive” community, leadership and peers for your daughter that are committed to and living out the GHC mission each day via our private online community
  • 12 life changing lessons for you to keep and listen to again and again delivered via a fun engaging easy to listen to interview format
  • Instant online access to a new lesson each month that you can listen to in the car, on your phone or device of choice whenever is convenient to you
  • Each monthly lesson comes with an action guide designed to be a fun, simple bonding experience with the little girl you love to bring the lesson to life just for her
  • Your daughter will have a chance to be featured on the Give Her Courage platform as a “Courage Ambassador” to share her story

Register now for Courage Club

$49.99 a month or $588 paid in full with a BONUS BUNDLE!

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