When you’ve made it to the 7-figure mark (or are well on your way) and look around, you realize pretty quickly there aren’t a ton of resources available when it comes to next level leadership and building an actual team.


So, you want to build a team of all-in A players...

Then we'll see you in the masterclass.

▶︎ The management style and key conversations that unlock employee pyschology and cultivate lifelong commitment, as if it were their own business.

▶︎ How to raise the bar on metrics and profitability in each division, even those typically used in service-only roles.

▶︎ The transition from "Super Employee" to CEO and how to make sure you're getting the best from your employees


About Kelly Roach

Our founder, Kelly Roach, began our organization, The Unstoppable Entrepreneur, after an incredibly successful corporate career. In just 8 years at her Fortune 500 company, Kelly was promoted 7 times, becoming the company’s youngest VP.

Over the last 8-years Kelly has built her coaching company to the multimillion-dollar mark and cultivated a team of 23 full-time (profit-warrior) employees, fully bought into the mission and vision of her company. 

Our team of experts have extensive training and experience in sales, marketing, paid advertising, brand messaging, productivity, education, and operations. When you become a member of the Unstoppable family, you aren’t just learning one tactical approach to building a business, you are learning the timeless business principles every major corporation was built on, along with the cutting edge marketing strategies that are working TODAY. 

We know how to help you start, grow, and scale your business through team because we’ve helped hundreds of business owners, just like you, make their dreams a reality.