Your Legacy is Ready For You.

You've succeeded in building your business. You've hit impressive revenue milestones. You're ready to step into the room with elite entrepreneurs and join the exclusive mastermind community you've been missing.

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You're about to walk into the right room...

  • You found a community of peers - a network of like-minded business people - who are building a legacy.
  • You landed in the midst of proven brilliance - the kind that challenges you and inspires you.
  • You are ready to up-level yourself and your business and massively accelerate the trajectory of your success.

Elite Community.

Immersive Experience.

Empowered Results.

If you are serious about up-leveling and being part of more than just another mastermind this community is for you!

The Legacy Leader Mastermind is an immersive experience designed to enrich your entrepreneurial experience and elevate you into a new era of business.

We know your time is valuable, and we're here to help you make the most of it.

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Build a sustainable and profitable business...


To diversify your income streams, minimize risk, and stay agile + prepared to pivot in any circumstance. The business landscape is in constant evolution. Being in a group with brilliant business owners, means you have access to profitable trends, savvy insights and unconditional support as you navigate each hurdle.


Even if you’re not ready to sell today, when it comes for a transition, you will either shut down, pass on, or sell your business – and over 60% of business owners are unprepared for any type of exit. Learn the systems, standard operating procedures and infrastructure in place to keep things clean, sustainable, and profitable.


Building a legacy means thinking high-level - learn how to create the space to do just that. Develop a high performing team, 4X your employee profits, and elevate leaders within your organization who can own and drive divisions of your company forward, so you can step back from the day to day operations and experience more freedom.

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Feb 8-10 | Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Inside Legacy Leaders you get access to:

  • Our world-class community through weekly group calls
  • Our membership training site that walks you through leading a high performing team, so you can step back from the day to day operations of your business and enjoy some freedom
  • Access to our guest experts to help you strategically plan for both growth and exit
  • 3 two-day in-person mastermind retreats where you will connect with other leaders, dive into your most pressing business issues, and focus on your big vision

A Word from

Your New Peers

Who is a good fit for Legacy Leaders?

Legacy Leaders is an application-only mastermind, for entrepreneurs running businesses over $1M in yearly revenue.

We work with clients in a variety of industries including:

  • Real estate investing and education
  • Done for you marketing agencies
  • Lawyers
  • Accountants
  • Product based businesses
  • Coaches and consultants

Our mastermind members typically have full-time teams of 10-20, run multiple businesses or streams of revenue in their company, and have some component of their business being built online (even if it’s only marketing).

We do ZERO drama.

We collaborate, but don’t sell one another.
We celebrate together, share our struggles, and learn how to be better and do better as we work towards MASSIVE milestones, together.

The Dream Team is in your corner.

Led by 8-figure entrepreneur, three-time bestselling author and leading business strategist Kelly Roach, the Business Advisory Team powered by Kelly Roach Coaching is here to partner with you.

With decades of combined experience across industries and specialities, you have access to a brain trust unique to being a Legacy Leader.

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