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We help founders transform their businesses

into sellable, scalable, self led companies so they can exit for a premium and create generational wealth in the process.

You hustled your way to a mountain top very few entrepreneurs climb

now, you’re ready to fully step into visionary leadership and build a high-performance team that can duplicate, multiply and scale your efforts. You are ready to experience the true freedom and exponential growth that can not be achieved alone.

Because with that freedom comes...

The ability to give back to your community, funding projects and charities that hit close to home.

The opportunity to start that second business, passion project, speak on stages around the world, or partake in hobbies you’ve been itching to explore.

The flexibility to work 3-day weeks, plan extended vacations, care for aging parents, or be present for every single one of your kids’ sporting events.

You ran the entrepreneurial 4-minute mile. But this next season is about taking on the role you want to play in your business – and learning how to build and mentor a dream team of intrapreneurs that can finally drive results without you.

This season is about building your LEGACY.


I was just under 7-figures when I started, and now we’re a multiple 7-figure company

- Allison Williams,

CEO of Law Firm Mentor, LLC | Business Coach for Solo and Small Law Firms


In less than 90 days we were doubling, and by the end of the year we doubled again

- Angela Tran,

America’s Transformational Weight Loss Doctor | D.O of MedFit Medical Weight Loss


Instead of shrinking during COVID, our business grew by 65% for the year

- Jack & Michelle Bosch,

Co-Creators of Land Profit Generator

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Build a sustainable and profitable business...

We know that more than 60% of business owners are unprepared for any type of exit.

So we’ve created a space where you can think strategically about the future of your organization and start building in alignment with that (even if it’s years down the road).

We know there are limited resources available to multi-million dollar business owners who are ready to scale from $2M to $10M and beyond.

So we’ve designed a curriculum specifically for the 7+ figure entrepreneur who is ready to free up their time, build a true self-sustaining dream team and organization, and pay themselves a substantial amount

We know that when you’re not surrounded by big thinkers, high performers, and others at and beyond your level, it can get isolated at times.

So we’ve curated a community that brings together business leaders with a diverse range of expertise, from health practitioners, to real estate educators, to luxury travel agents, to agency owners, to Inc 500 recognized businesses and everything in between — exposing you to ideas, strategies, and insights from every industry imaginable.

Legacy Leaders is an application-only 12-month program that marries true group masterminding with highly-customized 1:1 consulting, direct mentorship with Kelly,

and unique in-person events, to create a dynamic coaching experience that emphasizes community, customization, and next-level strategic guidance.

Are you ready to elevate your leadership, uplevel your peer group, and claim your space in the market?

If so, you’re invited to join us.

Carefully cultivated. Second to none.

Learn more about our exclusive community of trailblazing industry leaders:

Jack and Michelle Bosch,

Co-Founders, Land Profit Generator

Read the Case Study

Shelley Riutta,

Founder, Holistic Business School

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Dr. Avis Jones De-Weever

Need Case Study Link

Carefully cultivated. Second to none.

Learn more about our exclusive community of trailblazing industry leaders:

Debra Berndt Maldonado,

CEO and Co-Founder, CreativeMind and CreativeMind University

“We had our biggest month ever — $270,000 in one month.”

Shameca Tankerson,

Inc. 500 CEO, Sales Trainer, Business Success Mentor, Investor and Speaker

“I had blinders on about being the salesperson in my business. It wasn’t until I said yes to Legacy Leaders that it became abundantly clear I was leaving millions on the table by doing my own sales calls. We’ve fast forwarded into building out a team in that direction and I’m super excited about it.“

Shelley Riutta,

Founder of The Holistic Business School

“We ended up having 5 launches that were 6-figures!”

A snapshot

of your experience in Legacy Leaders…

Our Focus:

Leadership | Lean Management | Financial Literacy |

  • 3 Annual In-Person Experiences: two in South Florida, and one surprise location experiential retreat
  • Weekly Group Mastermind Calls with Kelly Roach (Thursdays from 2:30 to 4pm ET)
  • Two 50 minute 1:1 sessions with your business strategist each month
  • 24/7 access to our Legacy Leaders curriculum (leadership, hiring, team productivity + profitability)
  • 24/7 access to our Legacy Builders (refining systems and operations) and Empire Builders (sales, marketing and visibility) curriculum
  • Weekly Live Biz&Build (Tuesdays at 1pm ET): Live Strategic Advisory Calls with Kelly Roach, followed by Master Coaching + Implementation

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