Go from Super Employee to CEO! 

Grow a team that pays for itself, puts money in your pocket, and gives you the freedom you crave.


You have big plans to build a legacy...one that will last for generations. That’s why you started your business. You wanted the freedom that comes from working for yourself, calling the shots, and unlimited earning potential.  

So, you worked HARD to get things off the ground. Countless hours, sleepless nights, big risks, exciting wins, and massive failures have paved your road to 6 figures. On the outside, you look successful. You’ve got more clients than you know what to do with. 


You’re drowning in the nitty-gritty details of day-to-day operations. You can barely get your head above water. You’re stuck constantly serving your clients and juggling the behind-the-scenes stuff you absolutely HATE. Your 7 figure dreams feel distant at best and completely unattainable at worst.

You can NOT imagine working any more than you are right now. You have ZERO time for marketing, sales, and overall business growth. You are doing your best to survive, pay the bills, and keep clients happy. 

This is NOT what you thought entrepreneurship would look like.

You thought more money and a business that brings in 6-figures would mean freedom...like hop in the car for a last-minute road trip freedom...or summers splashing by the pool with your kids freedom.

Instead, it means being chained to your laptop 24/7

The work never ends, the money doesn’t go NEARLY as far as you thought it would go, and you are a constant ball of anxiety.

Deep down, you know you were made for more…

You Were!! ....

but to get there, you can’t keep running things the way you’ve been running them. 

  •  It’s not more automation.
  •  You don’t need another course.
  •  You CAN’T just work harder. 

The fastest road from 6 figures to 7 figures is without a doubt building a PROFITABLE team.

But..that’s the problem.

Most teams are NOT profitable and most solopreneurs don’t know how to make them profitable.  

  • They run from building a team like it’s the plague.
  • They think it’s too hard to find good people.  
  • They tell themselves that “if you want something done right you have to do it yourself”.  
  • They believe that finding time to train and onboard new team members is next to impossible.  
  • They’re afraid to pour valuable time and resources into someone only to have them leave before seeing any real ROI.  
  • They don’t want to mess with the responsibility and management of a team and prefer to just do things on their own.  

...so they stay STUCK. 

BUT ... 

What if you could build a team that MORE than paid for itself? Like literally make a hire, and have them profitable within 30-60 days?  

You CAN!  

In fact, doing so is the KEY to moving from 6 figures to 7 figures and beyond! (It’s also the key to staying sane and enjoying your life)

Inside of my Legacy Leaders Mastermind, I am going to spend 12 months teaching you how and coaching you through the process!

Legacy Leaders is about helping you step into the CEO role you were created for. 

This intimate, high-touch mastermind is designed to help you scale massively by creating a team of rockstars.  

You will learn how to attract, hire, and onboard an all-star crew that brings in at least 4-times what you invest in them, so you can FINALLY enjoy the freedom lifestyle you CRAVE.  

Legacy Leaders

is unlike any mastermind on the market today. 

This isn’t some rah-rah, automate the crap out of your business, program that gives you the same old tired strategies every one out there spouts as the keys to success.  

I know better and believe my clients deserve better.  

As the market is becoming more and more savvy, people are craving businesses that are less automated and more human. 

If you want to build something that lasts, automation ISN’T the answer...good people are.  

But I know that you’ve been resistant to this idea for a while. You simply can’t fathom where to begin when it comes to building a team that actually works. Your experience hiring hasn’t been a good one and you are so spent that you just can’t even go there right now. 

If that’s where you are, this 12-month mastermind is literally going to change the game for you.

Inside of Legacy Leaders you will learn how to:

  • Step into the CEO role of your business and out of the day to day implemention of all.the.things.
  • Become the leader your team will be obsessed with following
  • Assemble your dream team without the stress and overwhelm you’ve felt in the past.
  • Become an effective manager so your people can be effective, productive and happy.
  • Build out your recruitment plan then implement with all of our templates, job descriptions, and processes for finding rockstars!
  • Interview in a way that makes red flags obvious, references meaningful, and your choice clear. 
  • Effectively onboard and train your team so they hit the ground running with tons of momentum.
  • Conduct productivity audits, profit audits, and employee reviews so you can shore up weak areas and capitalize on areas of strength.
  • Develop and retain your top-performing team members so they can become even more profitable.
  • Get every single team member to 4x your investment in them. 
  • Run effective team meetings that improve culture and keep your team focused.
  • Create next-level leadership in your company so your team members take real ownership over the growth of your company. 
  • Map out your transition plan if moving out of the business is a goal of yours.  

What you get inside of Legacy Leaders: 

  • Bi-weekly mastermind calls with coaching and support as you implement your team-building profitability strategies. 
  • A dedicated membership site that is CONSTANTLY being updated. This is literally the complete CEO’s tool kit for getting your team to the point of profitability.  
  • A new training module and focus, delivered to your inbox each month.  
  • A private Facebook group with daily support from Kelly and her team.  
  • Two 2-day in person intensives (in West Chester, PA) where we will focus on scaling your business, honing your strategy, creating new streams of revenue, and maximizing the effectiveness and profitability of your team. These intensives are worth the cost of the program and will propel your business forward in massive ways.  
  • A 1:1 Kick-off call with Kelly to get clear on your goals and first steps joining Legacy Leaders  

In addition to Legacy Leaders, you and a team member will get access to my 12-month business incubator The Unstoppable Entrepreneur.  

This isn’t just another course for you to take.  

Unstoppable Entrepreneur will teach your team member how to market and sell like a pro so they will be profitable sooner. Imagine taking a week off whenever you want, knowing your team is not just keeping things afloat...they are actually making sales and bringing in new clients. That’s the peace of mind found inside of The Unstoppable Entrepreneur.  

This is a $15,600 value but is included in the cost of Legacy Leaders.  

Here’s what current members of Legacy Leaders have to say about their experience in the program:

There is no other coach out there who understands scaling a company the way I do.  

For years I’ve been known as THE BUSINESS CATALYST, helping elite business owners achieve million-dollar breakthroughs in their businesses. As the ONLY coach in today’s market with a Fortune 500 background, I’m won’t simply teach you basic tactics that get short-term results.  

Instead, I bring to the table years of experience, building and leading record-breaking teams in 17 locations around the US.  

I will combine the sound business principles learned from 8 years rising through the ranks of corporate America with today’s online marketing strategies so you can exponentially scale your business and stand out in today’s market.  

Building a legacy doesn’t happen when you’re head down in the day to day tasks of your business.

Freedom doesn’t exist when you’re bound to every email, call, and DM. The life you’ve dreamed of isn’t found at the end of a 60-hour workweek.  

The legacy you want to leave, the freedom you want to live in, and the life you dream of is ALL on the other side of building a team and making it PROFITABLE.  


You can keep trying to do this thing on your own.

You’ve gotten to this point by yourself. 6-Figures is impressive, so kudos to you. You’ve gotten further than MOST business owners. You can absolutely call it a day and continue hustling your butt off to keep things afloat for the rest of your life.  


You can massively scale your business by bringing on the RIGHT people, onboarding them the RIGHT way, and give them the tools they need to be profitable so you can focus on steering your business like a true CEO.  

You can have the freedom you so desperately want along with the peace of mind that even if you aren’t working, your business is still making money because your team has things locked down and dialed in.

The choice is 100% yours. Will the legacy you leave teach future generations that financial freedom comes with a hefty price tag that leaves you tied to your business 24/7?  


Will the legacy you leave teach future generations that financial freedom is found in the strength of a team that allows you to enjoy the life you worked so hard to create? It doesn’t have to stay this way forever...but if you want things to change, then you’ve got to take steps to change them!  

You’d think a program of this scale would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. But, we want this to be accessible to those of you who are SERIOUS about creating the type of legacy that lasts.  

So, you have two payment options:  

$2500/month for 12 months OR .... $27,000 paid in full (10% savings)  

Still have questions? We’ve got you covered!

  • What if I already have a few team members...can I still be a part of Legacy Leaders? Yes! We are going to help you turn your team into profit-making machines. We can do this with your existing team members or help you hire from scratch. For most, it will be a combination of working with existing teams and bringing on new people.  
  • Is there an extra cost for the 2-day intensives? No. You will need to pay for your transportation and lodging, but these intensives are included in the cost of Legacy Leaders.  
  • I am so pressed for time. Is this something that will take a huge time investment? First of all...if you are asking this question then you NEED Legacy Leaders. Your business can’t grow if you don’t put some time into growing it. SO - it will take some time for you to be involved with Legacy Leaders, but we are going to get your team set up so quickly and with such efficiency that you will 100% have the time required to do the work inside of Legacy Leaders.  
  • What type of businesses are best supported in Legacy Leaders? EVERY business will benefit from what we cover in Legacy Leaders because every business can become more profitable with a team. In the past we have worked with brick and mortar businesses, private doctor’s practices, online businesses and personal brands, and agencies. Legacy Leaders is truly for anyone at the 6-figure mark who wants to scale.  

What's being said about Legacy Leaders ....

"Through the Legacy Leaders program, I have been able to go from being a solopreneur, to having a team of 32 people" 

- Katie Sartino, Once Upon a Dream Performances

"We doubled and then doubled again...we'll finish WELL OVER the million dollar mark this year with Kelly as our guide" 

- Angela Tran, Med-Fit

"I grew from $250,000 to $325,000 in just 3 months, and that's without raising my prices." 

- Jelly Tse, Sipping Streams Tea Company